Papa Skylanwearing


So I suppose I haven’t done my best at including my husband in all the babywearing fun.  He sees me wearing Skylan while doing chores around the house, sitting at the computer and even upright napping on the couch.  When I was borrowing the ring sling and had left him home with Skylan for a few hours I came back and he had informed me that he had tried out the sling, although he thought he probably hadn’t worn it properly.  I asked him how he had put it on.  His reply was that he put it around his neck like a necklace and laid Skylan in it like a hammock.  His conclusion was that his method wasn’t very comfortable.  I told him I was sorry that I hadn’t yet shown him how to use it.  Somehow though in the hustle of it all, I never helped him fit it properly while we were still borrowing it.

Daddy Skylanwearing March 12 2013

Jim with Skylan at 8 1/2 weeks old wrapped in a Front Wrap Cross Carry. First wrap with papa.


Today he asked me to help him wear Skylan in the Moby wrap.  So I methodically draped the fabric around his torso for a front wrap cross carry and slid Skylan in and finished it off tying the tails.  He was immediately elated.  He was so excited to have Skylan wrapped up close to him.  He told me he could see why I would wear her all the time.  There really is no way to hold her closer than this.  I am so happy that he has gotten the Skylanwearing bug.


7 Weeks Old, Slinging Around

Skylan Ring Sling 7 Weeks Old

At Arbor Brewing Company for lunch after our first babywearing excursion walking around Kerry Town at 7 weeks old. Wearing Skylan in a Ring Sling wrap conversion borrowed from the Ann Arbor Babywearers LL.

I loved the EasyCare woven wrap I borrowed from the Ann Arbor Babywearers  lending library.  I brought it back at the next meet up I went to and was interested in borrowing  a ring sling.  It is a conversion from a wrap, but I don’t remember the name or brand.  It was very light weight and comfortable though.  I loved being able to wear Skylan off to the side so I could sit at a table and be able to eat or sew.  Putting the sling on and popping Skylan in was also very easy to do when we were going into a store and even just around the house.

At 7 weeks old we were ready to get out of the house with our little.  The sun was out even though it was still quite brisk and we were sick of being cooped up from winter and staying home with our new lady.


NatiBaby Madagascar

We took a trip to Elephant Ears in Kerry Town and saw Becca while we were there and picked her brain about a good length woven wrap for my first one.  We went there so I could eyeball woven wraps and I fell in love at first sight with a NatiBaby Madagascar.  The sales woman there went and found me a size 6.  My wonderful husband Jim wanted to buy me my first woven wrap as an early birthday present and within moments after finding the NatiBaby I was the proud new owner of my first 4.6 meter woven wrap.  Can’t wait to wash it and wrap Skylan up in it for the first time!

After visiting the shops in Kerry Town we walked a few blocks to Arbor Brewing Company for lunch.  Skylan had fallen fast asleep in the ring sling only waking up for a few seconds while we were eating lunch.  She slept the whole walk back to the car too.  I definitely want to add a sling to my own collection.  Since I just got my first woven though, we will see what I can do with it first.  I know there are all kinds of ways it can be used and I want to learn one that I saw which seems to be worn like a sling by tying a not at the front of your shoulder.  Something new to learn at the next babywearing meet up.

Three Weeks Old Trying an EasyCare

Me wearing Skylan in a Front Wrap Cross Carry @ 3 Weeks Old in a borrowed EasyCare from Ann Arbor Babywearers' Lending Library

Me wearing Skylan in a Front Wrap Cross Carry @ 3 Weeks Old in a borrowed EasyCare from Ann Arbor Babywearers’ Lending Library

On Skylan’s 3 week birthday we wanted to get out of the house.  So we went to our first meet up at the Babywearing Cabin with the Ann Arbor Babywearers.  I shared my concerns that I didn’t seem to be using the Moby wrap I had properly.  I couldn’t seem to get it very tight and she seemed to be sagging lower and lower the longer I wore her.  A few quick tips and my wrapping skills improved.  I had initially been doing a Front Pouch Cross Carry, but quickly found that a Front Wrap Cross Carry was my preferred front wrap.


Skylan in a Front Wrap Cross Carry @ 3 Weeks Old

Also I was introduced to my first woven wrap.  I borrowed an EasyCare which I think was a size 5 at 4.2 meters.  I loved the support that the woven wrap offered compared to the stretchiness of the Moby.  It also wasn’t as hot to wear.  Looking forward to getting my own for sure!  Skylan seems to be quite comfortable, and looks as such now that I can actually wear her properly supported with the right wrapping techniques.  I learned how to adjust the tension of the wrap by adjusting through the rails and color stripes.  Yeah for learning!

Skylan’s First Wrap


My first time wearing Skylan at 4 days old.

Our lovely first daughter Skylan Raine was born January 11th after 28 hours of labor.  Our hospital birth experience with our midwife and nurses went pretty well but we wanted to get to more comfortable, quiet surroundings.  We brought our daughter home from the hospital when she was a day and a half old.    We were lucky to have my sister visiting us from California to help us for the first few weeks of Skylan’s life.  Born in her own time, I went into labor with Skylan the day my sister was flying out to Michigan.  She definitely wanted to wait for her auntie before making her debut.  My sister was wonderful, taking care of things around the house, me and preparing meals for us.

When Skylan was 4 days old I wrapped her for the first time.  Being new to the concept of babywearing and being a mother, I muddled my way through it, looking up wrapping instructions online for the Moby that was passed down to me from a friend.  In retrospect, my first few attempts at wrapping with Skylan were sloppy and probably not the most secure.  Even so, holding our new little baby so close to me was the most perfect feeling.  I knew once I got together with the local Ann Arbor Babywearers group I would soon improve my wrapping skills.